Flame in Time

Fire rage throughout the night,
Embers burn, one with light,

Alone to self, I reminisce,
White cloud of ash, a gentle mist,

My mind is clear, no sound is heard,
Restless still, the hours turn,

Emotions felt, at every crackle,
I feel myself, within it’s mantle,

The warming fire, chill of breeze,
Shivers sent, calming needs,

I feed the flame, to my delight,
The coals so hot, they reignite,

I can not help, to see my youth,
The kindling first, made from you,

As you consume, all that’s found,
The troubled years, in me renowned,

You as I, now prosper, rise,
Until our fuel, runs out of time,

We mustn’t wait, count the days,
The clock now ticks, our flame awaits

The Lonely Tree

Testament of time, leaf upon branch-

The bark of strength, roots beneath,
Growth for miles, knowledge sleep,

Passed by millions, over generations,
Lost of limb, regeneration,

A living creature, took for granted,
Breath to life, fulfill our planet,

Home to wildlife, summer breeze,
Shade from heat, admiration leaves,

Fall of beauty, winter bare,
No care, no worries, simply there,

The branch of hope, rest between,
Our greatest friend, the earthly tree

Society Neglected

Body tired, shelter missing,
Heart of gold, melt to missing,

Coldness constant, lurk in shadows,
Sadness hidden, beneath the shadows,

Mislead to future, parents looking,
While child fears, no one is looking,

Left to those, the undesired,
Prey on weakness, those undesired,

From bad to worse, once good people,
Steal to feed, a fear of people,

Habit form, loss of reason,
Aimless steps, with ghostly reason,

Judgement made, now left unknown,
No longer cared for, name unknown

-The last word of each sentence formed this beauty below. Mind is officially blown.

Missing shadows looking,
Undesired people,
Reason unknown……



Whenever there’s trouble, feelings of woe,
Just know that my ears, are here for you know,
As one who will listen, speak to you clear,
In that moment it’s true, I will always be here,

Though the time is not present, not the near future,
Just know that your trust, can rest as you choose it,
So worry not now, as all will be fine,
A gift that’s received, at just the right time

Yesterday’s Tomorrow

The dawn a new day, peer through a window,
Yesterday’s thoughts, have slipped, now residual,
Hope from horizon, as the sun gently rises,
Not a cloud in the sky, my regret now subsiding,

That place once before, when my lips could not speak,
Not again will deny, want to live, to be free,

Each day opportunity, shall here from be known,
The exception of life, a new day to call home,

Angry Forest


A lonely raindrop, upon my arm,
Look to north, the scent of storm,
In the woods, amongst the trees,
To some a danger, I will not flee,

The leaves grow quiet, state of calm,
Now lightning strike, it won’t be long,
Thunder shake, the earth grow loud,
It’s power felt, vibrations sound,

The wind then whispers, as if by chance,
It’s language heard, by common man,
With anger now, for my distrust,
This violent rage, a force of thrust,

First lonely drop, upon my arm,
Fuse with thunder, lightning storms,
For in itself, won’t signal fury,
Combined as one, element of mercy

Prophecy Poet

A poet read scripture, off the tongue as it’s written,
A poet see vision, through eyes as it’s scripted,
The poet, the prophet, the keeper of many,
Hold close a low breath, to deceive the ears plenty,

A touch emblematical, felt with a word,
Softer than not, no emotion but pure,
While senses are many, often left to ignore,
Ancient wisdom, a truth, from within you’ll find more

Ocean Sense

What a sight, that lays before me,
The edge of the rock, an ocean story,

Collect my thoughts, close my eyes,
Hear the waves, of coming tide,

Scent of salt, upon my lips,
Warmth of sun, now touch my skin,

White caps crash, conforming land,
Now lovers walk, footprint to sand,

Majestic seagulls, sing their song,
Art of seaweed, felt by all,

Sounds appear, now so distant,
Eyes still shut, an ocean vision

Born of America


Silent nights, berated souls,
Hunger, hopeless, a want for all,

Sound of scense, narrow sight,
Release, retreat, that lonely night,

Surrender solitude, fortitude gone,
Strength, charisma, before than long,

Power in motion, lifecycle change,
Reverse, restore, our American names,

Sublime in message, born republic,
Patriot, Flag, the tathered or blooded,

Show the fallen respect, for love of this country,
Red white or blue, till death will become we

Destiny Speaks

Three days have past, since premonition,

A chilling thought, now clouds my vision,

Await this moment, with bated breath,
Mystique of destiny, will speak correct,

A knock was seen, upon my door,
No more is known, now insecure,

Three days have come, I can not know,
I can not rest, nor grasp control,

Fear of loved ones, ill or harmed,
Chills to bone, for I been warned,

Three nights have past, when I’m awoken,

Knocks on my door, I feared this moment,

I take a breath in disbelief, for at the door, police in grief

One Day

Falling is felt, a large and dark hole,
Wake up to shaking and loss of control,
Though still I’m secure, awake in my bed, it’s as if I’m still falling, reverberates in my head.

This feeling it comes, it goes as it please, not sure of alertness, conscious or dreams, is this just a mark, a sign of duress, or is life simply slipping, toward my moments last breath.

One day will I not, come awake from the depth, One day will I not, tumble-down like the rest, For I know the feeling of falling most told, The spirit embodied, to have and behold.