Father’s Rendition

Though alone for just now, my spirit take flight,

In the wings of the battle, I’m the birds of the light,

Though trials become many, hardships endured,

The strength, solidarity, comes to mind for a word,

Must be a strong father, who comfort and cuddle,

At night kiss your cheeks, say good nights, and I love you,

Stand tall a role model, my daughter, my world,

Will never see harm, yes your daddy’s little girl,

It is you that I live for, and wake up each day,

Push forward to triumph, never to stray,

I promise you now as I write on this page,

To always be here, through the rainiest days,

Now this is the bird, I speak of the light,

These but the words, that disturb me at night,

Though born to be free, oppression seems right,

I close my eyes slow, but the walls are still tight,

I channel my anger, bottle and ship it,

As the clouds of all black, engulf all my vision,

The darkness it falls, to the hearts of the soul,

Will I be remembered, in the end when I fall



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