Guardian Angel

Years have gone, since you have passed,
Endless memory, times we laughed,

Our youth before us, troubled, lost,
Poor decisions, but at what cost,

Eleven years old, life was hard,
Until that day, that dreadful call,

A crying mother, had lost her son,
The best of friends, now were none,

Those bullets pierced you, shattered lives,
Waves of emotion, fall and cry,

Life defining, but not the last,
My friends were lost, those days of wrath,

While you were gone, a birth would come,
You saved my life, returned me numb,

This pivotal moment, I’ll forever know, new chance at life, in my control,

We shall meet again, this much I know, forever in debt, mind, body, and soul


6 thoughts on “Guardian Angel

    1. I just hope I did my friend justice with this poem. Words could never give this experience justice. The impact it had was life-changing. Thank you as always. Your to kind my friend

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