Ark Of Life

One whisper away, one fallen breath,
The time now present, a scent of death,

My body weak, heart still strong,
Toward the light, my mind is drawn,

Softly spoken, no more words,
Without a fear, one page to turn,

In this moment, my thoughts at ease,
The curse of life, a choice to leave,

Fear not my child, as I embark,
Upon this mission, lifes humble ark,


5 thoughts on “Ark Of Life

  1. It’s nice to hear from you and to read again your powerful words! I hope you are well, because some lines of your beautiful poem sound a bit worrying. Kind regards.

    1. It has been a rough path my friend. Not going until I’m damn ready though. Thanks for the support as always. Warm regards to you as well. Lost but not found I remain an enigma in life….

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