Sound Of Silence

Sounds of menace, corrupted thought,
Wisked away, when comfort sought-

Allude to nothing, as I digress,
One must escape, intrinsic rest,

The days move swiftly, nights grow long,
With hope now lost, awaiting dawn,

I do not seek, familiar voices,
echoes loom, distorted choices,

When moment calls, last fruition,
Now finding peace, my silence hidden


4 thoughts on “Sound Of Silence

  1. Sunday, I lost my Soul Mate and I find the days and nights have become excruciatingly lengthy. Your words drip with the sorrow of anguish and they echo my soul’s despair. Yet, hope and the strength of my faith will permit my lungs to fill when I so eagerly desire the opposite. My heart is with you as are my prayers.

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