Abandoned Path

My heart cannot bleed,
Nor speak of a truth,

Lungs fail to breathe,
Eternal sleep now renewed,

Emotion is absent,
Left to a past,
Light steady brightens,
This hall to repass,

This moment you realize,
What might be a last,

Touch from a loved one,
The notion to laugh,

Trepidation turns stare,
Which path do I choose,

One road seeming peaceful,
The other abused,

My journey not fruitful,
Each day lived a struggle,

Only one path is chosen,
Toward left a rebuttal,

With body and mind,
steady drawn to the right,

Appearance of ease,
Toward harmony’s light,

Agita stricken,
Who am I to decide,

Eyelids now shut,
All thoughts are benign,

Soft gentle breeze,
Calmly felt on my skin,

Eyes now wide open,
I’ve awakened again


3 thoughts on “Abandoned Path

    1. There is my friend. The right path is never the easy one. When life calls on you to choose follow the heart. It sounds crazy but it’s the only reason I’m here writing today.

      1. My friend, I understand your vision and explanation – if there is anything else I can do to help or you want to speak, feel free to email me!

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