Strength In Time


Three years past, each day a wander,
Three years gone, our spirit stronger-

Whisked away, upon an angel,
Family mourns, our strength in Gabriel,

Though the seas, bring tide to sand,
Our world was lost, without your hand,

This day will never, hath new meaning,
Greatness lost, without a reason,

Your presence felt, Maine to Boston,
Celtics, Bruins, Fenway, golfing,

A patriarch, led with pride,
Life cut short, the hands of time,

Can not explain, why god has chosen,
To take this life, why god has spoken,

Memories now, you shall reside,
Our love to never, fade or shy,

With moment near, we must confess,
We miss you dearly, in peace you rest,

Our heart might falter, our will let go,
In you our fight, will live to grow,

When all is lost, your words will speak,
In mind and matter, your guidance breathe,

Each day that passes, The heart grow stronger,
Our children laugh, in you we honor,

Your wife, your children, hold you close,
Grandkids stare, to stars with hope,

May closure come, within this passage,
Our faith in love, your heart nostalgic

Until we meet, past heavens gate,
Two words to speak, true love we thank


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