Who Comes Here?


Who knocks at my door, felt a presence divine, in the midst of the night, awoke by a sign, as fear settles in, I’ve been here before, curiosity met, who awaits I’m unsure,

The glow from outside as I move toward decision, awake or asleep what awaits my fruition,

Inclined to invite, the path is now open,
mind wanders silent, mistaken as focus,  thoughts toward promise, struggled through strife, paid forward dues, what could only be right,

Much to my wonder, behold it is I, the one you hold dearly, the one you prescribe, dealt toward a knee, gasping last breath, pride at my door, when nothing is left,

I wished for the world, only I could deserve, in vain I left conscience, gold as my word, who knocks at my door, this shadow of me, the truth left unknown, awake from my dream


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