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Frost on my doorstep,
Winter is near,
Trees move with purpose,
Sound never clear,

Picturesque scene
Left us with fall,
Colors of autumn,
Forgotten by all,

Days become short,
Candlelight dinner
Fireplace warmth,
Scent of fresh timber,

Body is wary,
Covered in filth,
Rest in the tub,
The farm is now still,

Tuck children in place,
Whisper to sleep
All dream of Christmas,
What presents will be,

A humble mans life,
The year 1820,
Generations of family,
Lay here before me,

In tradition of spirit,
I think of your journey,
Each wall that I pass,
Reliving your story,

If only to travel,
Back to the day,
To show you the pictures,
Of what you have made,

I wonder if ever,
Imagined for moments,
The house that was built,
By your hands would be open,

Open to family,
Filled with such life,
Almost 200 years,
Your homestead survives

Life’s Inheritance

The seed tomorrow, what was given?
Our aftermath, has yet been written-

Choices now, with weight of gods,
Decisions made, the haze of fog,

If no remembrance, without an after,
Life and living, what really matters?

Soul is sold, no inclination,
Depths of mercy, no limitations,

A broken path, we now set sail,
Values lost, the sea revealed.

Abandoned Path

My heart cannot bleed,
Nor speak of a truth,

Lungs fail to breathe,
Eternal sleep now renewed,

Emotion is absent,
Left to a past,
Light steady brightens,
This hall to repass,

This moment you realize,
What might be a last,

Touch from a loved one,
The notion to laugh,

Trepidation turns stare,
Which path do I choose,

One road seeming peaceful,
The other abused,

My journey not fruitful,
Each day lived a struggle,

Only one path is chosen,
Toward left a rebuttal,

With body and mind,
steady drawn to the right,

Appearance of ease,
Toward harmony’s light,

Agita stricken,
Who am I to decide,

Eyelids now shut,
All thoughts are benign,

Soft gentle breeze,
Calmly felt on my skin,

Eyes now wide open,
I’ve awakened again

Ark Of Life

One whisper away, one fallen breath,
The time now present, a scent of death,

My body weak, heart still strong,
Toward the light, my mind is drawn,

Softly spoken, no more words,
Without a fear, one page to turn,

In this moment, my thoughts at ease,
The curse of life, a choice to leave,

Fear not my child, as I embark,
Upon this mission, lifes humble ark,