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Dusk to Night

To be that one, lost and cold,

To worry not, fulfill my goal,

Stand beside me, hold me close,

Worry not, for I grow old,

The days will travel, far or near,

No pressure felt, without a fear,

Those behind me, left with scars,

I tell the tale, protect your guards,

Strong shall flourish, weak will pass,

To those I say, the best outlast,

Life the journey, each shall know,

Blessed are those, who seek unknowns,

All will gather, toward your strength, 

Until the heart, relinquish pain,

To be so cold, not value life,

Will draw you close, to after sight, 

The dark survives the coldest nights, 

Who then becomes the one of light?

A Moment Inside

Spirit is strong, revision of hunger,

Life now worth living, void of my slumber,

Count upon days, observing the clock,

Tick toward moments, tock toward march,

Forward progression, move for my future,

Past now forgotten, this vivid illusion,

A pain that berates me, shelters from strong,

The same that empowers, to hell with them all!

A moment I see, what’s left of my pride,

My spirit grows strong, no longer to hide,

From this day and foward, no longer will I,

Take note of depression, for now it’s my time

Who Comes Here?


Who knocks at my door, felt a presence divine, in the midst of the night, awoke by a sign, as fear settles in, I’ve been here before, curiosity met, who awaits I’m unsure,

The glow from outside as I move toward decision, awake or asleep what awaits my fruition,

Inclined to invite, the path is now open,
mind wanders silent, mistaken as focus,  thoughts toward promise, struggled through strife, paid forward dues, what could only be right,

Much to my wonder, behold it is I, the one you hold dearly, the one you prescribe, dealt toward a knee, gasping last breath, pride at my door, when nothing is left,

I wished for the world, only I could deserve, in vain I left conscience, gold as my word, who knocks at my door, this shadow of me, the truth left unknown, awake from my dream

Feast Of November

New world we set course, lost in the moment, to fail is no option, for all is deemed hopeless –

Tossed by the waves,
Sickness surround me,
Our journey months waiting,
With will now resounding,

Left persecution,
In search of new home
Must learn to survive,
As we await the unknown,

The ones left behind,
What will become,
The land now before us,
Untamed and left young,

Eyes now alert,
As we reach upon shore,
To think I’m of few,
First to explore,

Time passes quickly,
Winter has fallen,
Many have passed,
Disease and exhaustion,

Food is now scarce,
Why have we come,
This land is foresaken,
Death won’t be long,

A miracle needed,
Time is of essence,
Suffering rampant,
Children to heaven,

Oh lord now be with me,
Hope it seems lost,
A native has come,
Surely war wont be long…..

Mother I write you,
Our voyage was made,
When all was begotten,
Our family was saved,

Indigenous people,
Showed us to farm,
A harsh land was woken,
A feast was then born,

Im thankful today,
As some have survived,
So giving they were,
With tears to our eyes

We feast now on roots,
Hunt and grow strong,
Thanksgiving was born,
By the hands of them all,


Frost on my doorstep,
Winter is near,
Trees move with purpose,
Sound never clear,

Picturesque scene
Left us with fall,
Colors of autumn,
Forgotten by all,

Days become short,
Candlelight dinner
Fireplace warmth,
Scent of fresh timber,

Body is wary,
Covered in filth,
Rest in the tub,
The farm is now still,

Tuck children in place,
Whisper to sleep
All dream of Christmas,
What presents will be,

A humble mans life,
The year 1820,
Generations of family,
Lay here before me,

In tradition of spirit,
I think of your journey,
Each wall that I pass,
Reliving your story,

If only to travel,
Back to the day,
To show you the pictures,
Of what you have made,

I wonder if ever,
Imagined for moments,
The house that was built,
By your hands would be open,

Open to family,
Filled with such life,
Almost 200 years,
Your homestead survives

To Whom It Concern

Our landscape is riddled,
Fostering hate,

No food for our children,
Directed to blame,

Foundation in family,
Displaced left to shatter,
Replaced with false promise,
That life does not matter,

Without value to guide us,
To whom it concern,
Until future of pride,
In country return,

Embrace with a stranger,
Pay forward in kindness,
Be good to your neighbor,
Let those be reminded,

Humility strength,
Benevolent choice,
Those left before us,
Knew well to rejoice,

The story unfinished,
Words not yet written,

It’s time to be great now,
The strength of forgiveness.