Winds Of Time

Fighting glory, challenge death,

Moments pass, until last breath,

Strike a nail, take the lead,

No more worry, lost at sea,

Tell my story, forget me not,

Family first, a child of art,

As they close, one last time,

A tear is left, to winds of time


Left To The Gods


Many years passed, time it seems gone, each leaf now is fallen, the world has moved on,

Today the wind shifts, rain now renewed, sun without falter, clouds without gloom,

Water perceived, as a gift from above, not a wrinkle had formed, the calmness of love,

The sky ever still, not a sound to be heard, not a vocal incursion, left undisturbed,

This view that escapes me, yet holds me in place, as if time was held still, a motionless state,

Many years passed, like notes to a song, the beauty of life, almost left to the gods.

Upon A Shadow

Bleeding hunger, pure desire,
Life of short, length expired –

Upon my palace, now at rest,
I search forgiveness, empty nest,

Once adorned, with pride of praise,
Left to rubble, maze of waste,

Forget me now, as if the night,
Through the surface, left to time,

When death shall place me, to me sleep,
I pray these words, shall shelter me,

If I lose, my soul to you,
My life was lost, my heart untrue,

Never falter, leave behind,
One thought, one moment,
breath of mine,

The door left open, walk to light,
The darkness falls, upon new life

Ark Of Life

One whisper away, one fallen breath,
The time now present, a scent of death,

My body weak, heart still strong,
Toward the light, my mind is drawn,

Softly spoken, no more words,
Without a fear, one page to turn,

In this moment, my thoughts at ease,
The curse of life, a choice to leave,

Fear not my child, as I embark,
Upon this mission, lifes humble ark,

Guardian Angel

Years have gone, since you have passed,
Endless memory, times we laughed,

Our youth before us, troubled, lost,
Poor decisions, but at what cost,

Eleven years old, life was hard,
Until that day, that dreadful call,

A crying mother, had lost her son,
The best of friends, now were none,

Those bullets pierced you, shattered lives,
Waves of emotion, fall and cry,

Life defining, but not the last,
My friends were lost, those days of wrath,

While you were gone, a birth would come,
You saved my life, returned me numb,

This pivotal moment, I’ll forever know, new chance at life, in my control,

We shall meet again, this much I know, forever in debt, mind, body, and soul