If I should pass before tomorrow, 

The seed was sewn, whence time was borrowed,

The sunrise would forever, have a new meaning,

The beauty of which, is no longer seeing.


One Day

Falling is felt, a large and dark hole,
Wake up to shaking and loss of control,
Though still I’m secure, awake in my bed, it’s as if I’m still falling, reverberates in my head.

This feeling it comes, it goes as it please, not sure of alertness, conscious or dreams, is this just a mark, a sign of duress, or is life simply slipping, toward my moments last breath.

One day will I not, come awake from the depth, One day will I not, tumble-down like the rest, For I know the feeling of falling most told, The spirit embodied, to have and behold.


Lover’s Myth

Mysteries of the heart cumbersome if not shared, many ways to embark, many moments bring tears, while none can claim novice, nor dare to claim Pro, experience inneffective, each time the unknown.

If not for the promise, an American dream, picket fence for our children would never be seen, though often a not, this hope that is sought, will trump the most powerful, expressed with a scar.

If measured in depth, all would be said, success or our failure, love could never be met.

Written 8-8-2012