The Lonely Tree


Within Me

What is you worth? Finance or fame?

Children or family? Health or a name?

– Of earthly treasure, humble and true,

Don’t value material, possesions kept few,

We seek what is seen, this popular theme,

To live without, the lesson of need,

Pick blades of grass, breathe mountain air,

Skip rocks in a pond, hike with no fear,

Watch clouds as they pass, keep a head high,

As the seasons pass on, look toward the sky

Left To The Gods


Many years passed, time it seems gone, each leaf now is fallen, the world has moved on,

Today the wind shifts, rain now renewed, sun without falter, clouds without gloom,

Water perceived, as a gift from above, not a wrinkle had formed, the calmness of love,

The sky ever still, not a sound to be heard, not a vocal incursion, left undisturbed,

This view that escapes me, yet holds me in place, as if time was held still, a motionless state,

Many years passed, like notes to a song, the beauty of life, almost left to the gods.

The Lonely Tree

Testament of time, leaf upon branch-

The bark of strength, roots beneath,
Growth for miles, knowledge sleep,

Passed by millions, over generations,
Lost of limb, regeneration,

A living creature, took for granted,
Breath to life, fulfill our planet,

Home to wildlife, summer breeze,
Shade from heat, admiration leaves,

Fall of beauty, winter bare,
No care, no worries, simply there,

The branch of hope, rest between,
Our greatest friend, the earthly tree

Angry Forest


A lonely raindrop, upon my arm,
Look to north, the scent of storm,
In the woods, amongst the trees,
To some a danger, I will not flee,

The leaves grow quiet, state of calm,
Now lightning strike, it won’t be long,
Thunder shake, the earth grow loud,
It’s power felt, vibrations sound,

The wind then whispers, as if by chance,
It’s language heard, by common man,
With anger now, for my distrust,
This violent rage, a force of thrust,

First lonely drop, upon my arm,
Fuse with thunder, lightning storms,
For in itself, won’t signal fury,
Combined as one, element of mercy