Journey Long

Hills abundance, grass is green,

Soon to come, a winter scene,

Flocks of birds, flight of pattern,

Begin of cycle, life will happen,

One amongst, a many creature,

Habit form, protect the weaker,

Speak to those, why you have come,

A journey long, with knowledge of….


Moonlight Passage

It’s after midnight, everyones resting, my mind is full, of thoughts and tension, ever so quiet, each movement jolts me, toss and turn, why does sleep revoke me?

Am I nocturnal, partly beast, to prey at night, midday to sleep, for the sun shall rise, my mind will breathe, I can finally rest, once the moon’s with me.


One Day

Falling is felt, a large and dark hole,
Wake up to shaking and loss of control,
Though still I’m secure, awake in my bed, it’s as if I’m still falling, reverberates in my head.

This feeling it comes, it goes as it please, not sure of alertness, conscious or dreams, is this just a mark, a sign of duress, or is life simply slipping, toward my moments last breath.

One day will I not, come awake from the depth, One day will I not, tumble-down like the rest, For I know the feeling of falling most told, The spirit embodied, to have and behold.


Lost Traveler

Illumination of shadows reflect on a past, a time not forgotten, endured to outlast, a city of souls often lost and untold, travel silent at night, heart heavy now cold.

Though passage through fate left an emptiness state, a mind of regret, proved harder to break.

Now stuck in a wonder, all choices are felt, lived life as a rebel, left only to self, one contemplates pain, an excuse for the blame, live life for the moment, or travel in vein.