Path Toward Lost

I travel to never, looking for nothing,
Sea of what’s empty, river of bluffing,

Grace left to fall, no value, no message,
Feverish plight, hail misery’s peasant,

Look toward closure, vision of hollow,
Path I have chosen, smitten tomorrow,

Capture the heart, before now the cost,
Sentiment scorned, land of the lost,


Humble Nature

Each droplet of rain, whisper of breeze,
Peek of sunlight, ocean scent, freeze.

Nature speaks to us humble, through thunder and lightning, tornadoes, disasters, it’s way of enlightening.

We shall never lose sight, mother nature’s true might, will remain
an enigma, balance wonder, and spite.

One Day

Falling is felt, a large and dark hole,
Wake up to shaking and loss of control,
Though still I’m secure, awake in my bed, it’s as if I’m still falling, reverberates in my head.

This feeling it comes, it goes as it please, not sure of alertness, conscious or dreams, is this just a mark, a sign of duress, or is life simply slipping, toward my moments last breath.

One day will I not, come awake from the depth, One day will I not, tumble-down like the rest, For I know the feeling of falling most told, The spirit embodied, to have and behold.