Night That Haunts Me

Shadows present, watching shoulders,

Branches weave, as sound approaches,

Clouds they follow, every movement,

Luna watching, stars assuming,

Light has passed, beyond horizon,

Left to pause, I close my eyelids,

Take this moment, darkness birth,

For night or day, shall share it’s worth


Upon A Shadow

Bleeding hunger, pure desire,
Life of short, length expired –

Upon my palace, now at rest,
I search forgiveness, empty nest,

Once adorned, with pride of praise,
Left to rubble, maze of waste,

Forget me now, as if the night,
Through the surface, left to time,

When death shall place me, to me sleep,
I pray these words, shall shelter me,

If I lose, my soul to you,
My life was lost, my heart untrue,

Never falter, leave behind,
One thought, one moment,
breath of mine,

The door left open, walk to light,
The darkness falls, upon new life