Human Splendor

The hand is given, to pen a note,
The mouth to mention, language quote,

An eye to capture, all thats right,
The mind to question, all in sight,

A foot to walk, upon the earth,
Leg to balance, for what its worth,

Tongue to taste, grain or liquid,
Stomach placed, to grace the living

Sound is heard, from all direction,
The human body, my soul reflection


Cloud Of Black

Bound to the present, magnificent strife,
Maleficent fortune, hunger for life,

See only misgiving, torment now daily,
Each day like no other, what more could regale me,

This cloud now in follow, for what have I done,
Deserves said destruction, each hour become,

I see vivid future, pain before pleasure,
A curse of the sort, will remain with me clever,

No pontiff or witchcraft, can lead me to whole,
This journey I follow, black cloud of my own

The Lonely Tree

Testament of time, leaf upon branch-

The bark of strength, roots beneath,
Growth for miles, knowledge sleep,

Passed by millions, over generations,
Lost of limb, regeneration,

A living creature, took for granted,
Breath to life, fulfill our planet,

Home to wildlife, summer breeze,
Shade from heat, admiration leaves,

Fall of beauty, winter bare,
No care, no worries, simply there,

The branch of hope, rest between,
Our greatest friend, the earthly tree

Soul Catcher

Every dark thought, bad intention,
Awaiting to feed, the one of mention,
Insatiable thirst, to capture inpurity,
Patiently waiting, thriving disparity,

Seen in the night, found in our dreams,
Morning, midday, satisfying it’s needs,

A figure not found, history or legend,
Just folklore details, of its hunt for redemption,

We must not cater, give power to pressure,
It’s name carry burden, beware the soul catcher

Prodical Lights

With sunlight, the flesh is burned,
Upon sunlight, the day is earned,
With sunlight, the body wakes,
Upon sunlight, the day escapes,

By candlelight, a romance share,
Through candlelight, a love affair,
By candlelight, a story’s told,
Through candlelight, a darkness shows,

As moonlight climb, my eyes grow tired,
In moonlight climb, my toast surviving,
As moonlight climb, my day has ended, In moonlight climb, my world acending

The light you seek, within you speak,
Omnipotent show, illumination of we,