Weary Traveler

Welcome lone traveler, how far have you come,

Eyes of exhaustion, weathered to numb,

Shoes in a tatter, clothes full of earth,

Skin full of scars, flesh of raw dirt,

What travel has brought you, welcome lost soul,

Come rest in the warmth, bathe off the cold,

I one of not much, yet humble in life,

Your needs are now more, I share in our plight,

With two words he spoke, I shall never forget,

“Bless you” kind sir, last tear is for death


Abandoned Path

My heart cannot bleed,
Nor speak of a truth,

Lungs fail to breathe,
Eternal sleep now renewed,

Emotion is absent,
Left to a past,
Light steady brightens,
This hall to repass,

This moment you realize,
What might be a last,

Touch from a loved one,
The notion to laugh,

Trepidation turns stare,
Which path do I choose,

One road seeming peaceful,
The other abused,

My journey not fruitful,
Each day lived a struggle,

Only one path is chosen,
Toward left a rebuttal,

With body and mind,
steady drawn to the right,

Appearance of ease,
Toward harmony’s light,

Agita stricken,
Who am I to decide,

Eyelids now shut,
All thoughts are benign,

Soft gentle breeze,
Calmly felt on my skin,

Eyes now wide open,
I’ve awakened again