Weary Traveler

Welcome lone traveler, how far have you come,

Eyes of exhaustion, weathered to numb,

Shoes in a tatter, clothes full of earth,

Skin full of scars, flesh of raw dirt,

What travel has brought you, welcome lost soul,

Come rest in the warmth, bathe off the cold,

I one of not much, yet humble in life,

Your needs are now more, I share in our plight,

With two words he spoke, I shall never forget,

“Bless you” kind sir, last tear is for death


Leap of Faith

I must now jump, take the chance,
Forward thinking, feet advance,

Fail or not, I choose that right,

To live or die, no fear insight,

Heaven calls, the darkest knights,

Brave and strong, I’ll win the fight!

Human Splendor

The hand is given, to pen a note,
The mouth to mention, language quote,

An eye to capture, all thats right,
The mind to question, all in sight,

A foot to walk, upon the earth,
Leg to balance, for what its worth,

Tongue to taste, grain or liquid,
Stomach placed, to grace the living

Sound is heard, from all direction,
The human body, my soul reflection