Ocean Sense

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What a sight, that lays before me,
The edge of the rock, an ocean story,

Collect my thoughts, close my eyes,
Hear the waves, of coming tide,

Scent of salt, upon my lips,
Warmth of sun, now touch my skin,

White caps crash, conforming land,
Now lovers walk, footprint to sand,

Majestic seagulls, sing their song,
Art of seaweed, felt by all,

Sounds appear, now so distant,
Eyes still shut, an ocean vision

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Confidence Calls

Fallen shadows come to be,

Walk is narrow, heart to sleeve,

Am I foresaken, left to be,

A mortal moment, death of me

Take what’s given, leave just breath,

To live this life, my demons help,

A bow to arrow, knife to cut,

Awake to sweat, enoughs enough

Stand before me, heartless coward,

Mind now strong, you hold no power,

Show yourself, for once, for all,

Weak no more, my confidence call

My Child

My first born son,

A first time trying,

Tears to eyes, I watch him trying,

His heart majestic, soul too sweet,

Left alone, the mind to weep,

I see your struggle, feel your fear,

No worries son, your daddy’s here,

The fight is now, I’m right here with you,

At every step, I walk it with you

I write this message so you can hear it,

Emotions running,  mind and spirit

With every step, we walk today,

I worry more, take me away,

Please tell me child, that your ok,

My life if lost, while your away




Weary Traveler

Welcome lone traveler, how far have you come,

Eyes of exhaustion, weathered to numb,

Shoes in a tatter, clothes full of earth,

Skin full of scars, flesh of raw dirt,

What travel has brought you, welcome lost soul,

Come rest in the warmth, bathe off the cold,

I one of not much, yet humble in life,

Your needs are now more, I share in our plight,

With two words he spoke, I shall never forget,

“Bless you” kind sir, last tear is for death