Weary Traveler

Welcome lone traveler, how far have you come,

Eyes of exhaustion, weathered to numb,

Shoes in a tatter, clothes full of earth,

Skin full of scars, flesh of raw dirt,

What travel has brought you, welcome lost soul,

Come rest in the warmth, bathe off the cold,

I one of not much, yet humble in life,

Your needs are now more, I share in our plight,

With two words he spoke, I shall never forget,

“Bless you” kind sir, last tear is for death


Night That Haunts Me

Shadows present, watching shoulders,

Branches weave, as sound approaches,

Clouds they follow, every movement,

Luna watching, stars assuming,

Light has passed, beyond horizon,

Left to pause, I close my eyelids,

Take this moment, darkness birth,

For night or day, shall share it’s worth

Frozen Earth

Frozen tundra, frost of fate, every thought, I must escape? –

As I embark, upon this lesson, left or right, adverse progression, indecision, family fate, to feed so many, a pressure great,

A journey north, to be the best, no walking back, toward success, this plunge I take, shall cost me dearly, filtered fear, as depth reveal me,

Arctic air, feed flesh and bone,

My story cold, now left alone,

If sun shall shine, upon on my chest, the weight of burden, left to death,

Frozen earth, what has become me?

Winter’s burden, death amongst me! 

Dusk to Night

To be that one, lost and cold,

To worry not, fulfill my goal,

Stand beside me, hold me close,

Worry not, for I grow old,

The days will travel, far or near,

No pressure felt, without a fear,

Those behind me, left with scars,

I tell the tale, protect your guards,

Strong shall flourish, weak will pass,

To those I say, the best outlast,

Life the journey, each shall know,

Blessed are those, who seek unknowns,

All will gather, toward your strength, 

Until the heart, relinquish pain,

To be so cold, not value life,

Will draw you close, to after sight, 

The dark survives the coldest nights, 

Who then becomes the one of light?

A Moment Inside

Spirit is strong, revision of hunger,

Life now worth living, void of my slumber,

Count upon days, observing the clock,

Tick toward moments, tock toward march,

Forward progression, move for my future,

Past now forgotten, this vivid illusion,

A pain that berates me, shelters from strong,

The same that empowers, to hell with them all!

A moment I see, what’s left of my pride,

My spirit grows strong, no longer to hide,

From this day and foward, no longer will I,

Take note of depression, for now it’s my time