Spoken Word

Woven words upon the night

watch the hours pass

Tip my glass to fill a need

all beyond my grasp

Searching for a gilded sign

I put myself to rest

Spoken words come to mind

I will not soon forget

Stay humble in your journey

Your choice is light or dark

For in the end, the message sent

reveals your proof of heart

14 thoughts on “Spoken Word

  1. Hello Sean, a great poem and thank you for follow my blog/website, I hope you enjoy reading my humbling writings, I am from Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor.🙂 🌏


      1. Once this covid thing is finished .. you’re very welcome over here .. and I am going to enjoy reading words Sean … haha’ one my fav’ singer/songwriters from your area.. ‘Sean Rowe’


      2. He’s amazing! I can’t wait to visit. I just need my kids to grow up a bit more and I’ll be on my way! I look forward to reading more of your words as well my friend.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Happy early birthday! 70 years young my friend. I have 4 kids from teens to toddlers. I wanted to bring it back like the good ole days and have a large family. Boy did I get my wish. I hope you have a blessed day Tuesday.


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